Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've kind of sucked at blogging the last couple weeks. Here's why...

I went to Texas a couple weekends ago to visit my sister. My niece Lillie got baptized and it was so much fun to see my babies! We stayed in San Antonio and went to the Alamo and River Walk. Short trip, but really fun. This is the only picture I got with my camera, Mom has the rest.

I've been sick, I feel like I got punched in the kidney when I wake up and continues all day. I'm convinced that Someone has made a Voodoo doll out of my hair and is doing something to my kidneys. Thanks jerk, whoever you are.

oh no, not again!

I've been getting ready to go to school again for nursing.
I'll be done in less than 3 years!
Anyone wanna be my patient??

Since I've been getting ready for school and I'll be working and going to school full time, this means I will only be doing hair once a month. So I'm cleaning out my studio, making it into a living room again, and making a little bit of room in my bedroom again!
We lost a good friend this past week. I don't like to talk about that stuff much.
We love you and miss you, James.
So I'm not lost, I've just had a lot going on!
Hope everyone's had a good couple weeks!!


Tyler and Andrea said...

I had no idea you are going to start school! yeah for you! Nursing is such a good way to go. Where are you going to start school at?

Heather and Ryan said...

WOW!! You had your own hair place,thats cool. Hope that jerk stops messing with your kidneys!

Heather and Ryan said...

LOL!!!! I also use bbq sauce!!! That is sooo funny!

NoT yOur AvEraGe faMilY said...

It was hard to hear about James- at least he's with a few other good people.

Whetten Family said...

Hello, nurse! :) You need nursing school just to give yourself medical attention, let alone anyone else. For reals.

Michelle said...

what room in your house is that??? i don't even recognize it!