Monday, May 11, 2009

A day late...

Happy Mother's Day Mom.
Me too.
(taken from

I swear I'm not white trash

This is what I came home to yesterday:

What... Empty Natty Ice tall boys don't roll into your front yard on Sunday mornings??...

Friday, May 1, 2009

How is your day?

Mine started with getting rear-ended on the 60 at 7am on my way to work. Awesome. At least everyone was ok. I'm still a little shaken up and my back and shoulders are sore. Tomorrow is going to be worse I'm sure. Now starts the process of calling insurances and getting it taken care of...
I guess I'm lucky it wasn't worse. My truck only suffered damage to the bumper and the body is a little bent. Nothing insurance won't fix. The car that hit me was totalled. She had to have it towed. Let's hope my weekend is better.

On a better note, I picked up this dvd player on Woot today for $25.00. I needed a new one deperately and it retails for around $100.00. Suh-weet!