Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley

We love you.
You will be missed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miss Douglas AZ 1993

Happy Birthday!!!

This is my big sister.
Her name is Ashley.
Today, she is 25...

Some things you should know about her:
-She's an AWESOME cook and always offers to make me good food!
-She loves going out to eat. It doesn't really matter where, she just likes to go out.
-She's always watched out for me, ever since we were little.
-She has moved a few places, from Thatcher in college to Hawaii last year, and always loves me to stay with her.
-She loves babies.
-She still wakes me up every Christmas and tells me "Santa came" at 6am even though she's married.
-She loves Diet Coke but will only drink 1/2 the can.
-She tells me how she wants her hair done for 1/2 an hour and then tells me to just do what I want.
-She's a work-out-a-holic.
-She's a cheapskate. Something I DID NOT inherit. Which is why she always has money and I do not.
-She always thinks of others.
-She lets me tease the crap out of her.
-She gets crazy with me.


Monday, January 14, 2008

it must be that time of year again.

these are kidney stones.
they come out in your pee you know.
and they're bitty. can't even really see them.
kinda look like wet salt balls when they come out.
i wish these came out instead.
a little bigger, yes, but much cooler than salt balls.they kinda feel like squeezing one of these out too, so i hear.
this would also be a cool prize to get out of it by the way.
bring babies on.
i've been doing this every 6 months since i was 16.
i don't think people give birth at work though usually.
so i don't think i should have to stay and pass this either.
i think i should get paid leave for it too. kidney stone leave?
therma care heat pads and aleve are getting tested today.
i should really be the poster child for consumer reports for these.
so far so good.
cranberry juice and water are going to be necessary the next 48 hours.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Starbucks is overrated.

Fat free Vanilla Cappuccinos for $1.07 at QT.
...And mmmm is it good.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ringin' in 2008

(I was a hater on Christmas. Sorry for the lack of posting.)
$25 for a snowboard. Love me some Craigs List.
by the way, this didn't work so much pulling him with the Rhino.


Posers/ the infamous glamour shot pose
Scott. Fultz. Burro.
(we all have nicknames by the way)

Scott and Ashley.

Notice the glowsticks gear? We're all gonna be ravers in '08.

Fultz and the Extravagant Misfortune (the toy box/ trailer)

"are my legs really that skinny??"

other highlights include: playing guitar hero when it was too windy to do anything. fire jumping before midnight to "clear out the bad energy" from 2007. Eating sand. Sand down our pants from snow/ sandboarding too much. Hope everyone had a good new year!!!!