Monday, January 14, 2008

it must be that time of year again.

these are kidney stones.
they come out in your pee you know.
and they're bitty. can't even really see them.
kinda look like wet salt balls when they come out.
i wish these came out instead.
a little bigger, yes, but much cooler than salt balls.they kinda feel like squeezing one of these out too, so i hear.
this would also be a cool prize to get out of it by the way.
bring babies on.
i've been doing this every 6 months since i was 16.
i don't think people give birth at work though usually.
so i don't think i should have to stay and pass this either.
i think i should get paid leave for it too. kidney stone leave?
therma care heat pads and aleve are getting tested today.
i should really be the poster child for consumer reports for these.
so far so good.
cranberry juice and water are going to be necessary the next 48 hours.


Tyler and Andrea said...

Are you seriously trying to pass a kidney stone??? OUCH! It seems like you have had bad health luck lately....always seems like your sick or in the hospital or passing kidney stones..... Hope you feel better! Let me know if you need anything. I'd love to see you!

P.s. Thanks for the skinny comment BUT I think you are mistaking--- you should see my stomach (not sooo skinny)!

Stacie said...

poor baby! i didn't know you had kidney stones. i agree diamonds and babies are much better reasons to go through pain!

Kim Skinner said...

YOWSER! I'm feeling for ya! We missed you at Tina's for our white elephant party - you should see the santa lingerie I stole from John. :)

wendy said...

They are my biggest fear! next to appenicitis which I don't have to worry about anymore...

NoT yOur AvEraGe faMilY said...

oh hell. if its like birthing a baby w/o an epidural- I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. And i feel for you!

Barnes Blog said...

Holy CRAP!!!!! I can't believe that happens every six months. You need help girl, I bet it's a little more painful than birth, because then you have the option to get an epidural. Serious that sounds painful.