Thursday, September 27, 2007

This is what happens when you're half awake, stumbling to the shower, and hit your foot on a rather hidden hope chest leg in your mom's room (my shampoo bowl is still hooked up to my shower I've been showering upstairs). And you scream and go to the bathroom and look at it and say "sick" while holding back tears watching blood ooze from the gash. Also, I'm sure my smeared makeup and greasy hair looked really pretty too...lucky for you I didn't have my camera phone that early to show you that. I'm estimating it's 1" x 1" and about 1/2" deep. Ya, not my favorite part of the morning.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Heart Best Friends

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Want My Bed

If I dress like this, do you think they'll let me sleep at my desk right now?


Monday, September 17, 2007


One of our delivery drivers came in today wearing a rather old t-shirt. Rather old meaning VERY transparent and VERY moth-eaten...and he's old enough to be my grandpa. He wears these shirts a lot, and I ALWAYS tease him about them. He says it's just too hot to wear anything else. Thank goodness for winter. He's not too poor to buy anything else, he's just "too hot" to wear a real t-shirt. Today's shirt was the worst so far this summer. Not only was it see-through, it had holes all over it. And of course, I made fun of him for it. Then he turned to me and said

"Do you know where I can get those fish net shirts at? I'd LOVE to wear those but I can't find them ANYWHERE. They used to sell them on the coast but they just don't sell them here. They're much cooler than this."

You can imagine my face. Fishnet shirt. Come on...

And all I could picture was this, only with a plump grandpa inside...

Girl's Night


Friday, September 14, 2007

Trailer Trash

There's this website we were playing on at work today that tells you how you're going to die. they have some pretty clever ones...I liked mine the best...maybe because it's not too far off from what I could've been once upon a time...

Lindsay: At age 42 you will be struck by lightning while trying to move the antenna beside your mobile home in order to pick up late night adult movies.

What's yours??

Monday, September 10, 2007


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Love me some Indians

I work on the reservation.
And i love it.

If you're not aware, there's 2 major gangs out here.
I'm not sure the street names, but I know there's reds and blues.

I made the mistake of wearing a blue company shirt to work today.

My hardcore ghetto Indian friend here who's kinda jacked up and ALWAYS drunk came in the office today and politely said to me
"did you dye that shirt blue?"
"how come yours is blue? ours are brown."
"i don't know i just wear what they give me"
"you need to be wearing red. not blue."
and he said it in the most pleasant voice i've ever heard.
like girlfriend telling me a pair of shoes that will look better with an outfit
or a dad telling his kid that he can't hit his brother because it's not very nice.
and then he said ok and smiled and walked out.

remind me to never wear red OR blue to work...