Saturday, September 8, 2007

Love me some Indians

I work on the reservation.
And i love it.

If you're not aware, there's 2 major gangs out here.
I'm not sure the street names, but I know there's reds and blues.

I made the mistake of wearing a blue company shirt to work today.

My hardcore ghetto Indian friend here who's kinda jacked up and ALWAYS drunk came in the office today and politely said to me
"did you dye that shirt blue?"
"how come yours is blue? ours are brown."
"i don't know i just wear what they give me"
"you need to be wearing red. not blue."
and he said it in the most pleasant voice i've ever heard.
like girlfriend telling me a pair of shoes that will look better with an outfit
or a dad telling his kid that he can't hit his brother because it's not very nice.
and then he said ok and smiled and walked out.

remind me to never wear red OR blue to work...


Stacie said...

I didn't know you worked on the res. that is pretty cool. you'd think they'd leave a pretty little white girl out of it, but i guess i would play it safe and not wear red or blue either....

Whetten Family said...

What about wearing a shirt that is red and blue? Maybe they'll realize how silly they are and put their guns down. Then later you could all go out to McDonalds and have a good laugh. OR maybe you should carry a concealed weapon- and a small thing of french fries. Everyone likes french fries. If they decide to kill you, offering french fries might change their minds.....

The Martin Family said...

I will be sooooo sad when you no longer wok on the res. No res = no funny stories for me to laugh at about the good ol res!

Marcus & Jamie Yetter said...

I miss my Lindsay so much! Come and visit me soon! Love ya!