Monday, September 17, 2007


One of our delivery drivers came in today wearing a rather old t-shirt. Rather old meaning VERY transparent and VERY moth-eaten...and he's old enough to be my grandpa. He wears these shirts a lot, and I ALWAYS tease him about them. He says it's just too hot to wear anything else. Thank goodness for winter. He's not too poor to buy anything else, he's just "too hot" to wear a real t-shirt. Today's shirt was the worst so far this summer. Not only was it see-through, it had holes all over it. And of course, I made fun of him for it. Then he turned to me and said

"Do you know where I can get those fish net shirts at? I'd LOVE to wear those but I can't find them ANYWHERE. They used to sell them on the coast but they just don't sell them here. They're much cooler than this."

You can imagine my face. Fishnet shirt. Come on...

And all I could picture was this, only with a plump grandpa inside...