Monday, February 25, 2008

Brand New

Started today.
No more Indian reservation.
I will miss it dearly.
I really missed my friends today a lot.
But I'm really liking the new place.
Working in an office.
We make parts for the military.
Plus I'm working with some of my boys.
Which is always a good time.
Wish me luck!


little jill said...

I've been mia for a while?

1. Sorry you lost your friend

2. You'd make a good nurse. Hy is going to become a nurse too--maybe you could hang, that would be fun.

p.s. you should get a job at Scottsdale Healthcare--they pay for your school, and you don't have to sign any commitment

3. I love when the salt runs too. I always drive down to where the salt crosses Mckellips, just to watch it.

4. Good luck at your new job

5. Sucks about your kidneys. I had kidney problems in high school and even though that was YEARS ago, it is still vivid in my mind. There is no position your body can get into for comfort. Wah for you

Whetten Family said...

But what about all of the wierdos you would make fun of all day long? Will it end?

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

good luck!!!

Tyler and Andrea said...

Hows the new job treating you?

Shelly said...

New job, huh? I hope it is going well!

onehm said...

Hope that you are enjoying the new job!!!

Eric and Kailee said...

wait... you're not going to sell rocks anymore. I'm going to miss all your posts about the crazy people you work with:(

TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

Where is that foutain thing at that you are stepping on? it is cute!

Chad & Tiffany said...

How's the new job going? We need to get together for some grub again sometime soon.

Adam & Nicole said...

What is up long lost friend?!?! Do you even remember me?!?! How have you been? I hope all is well with you! Talk to you later! Nicole Graham (Martin)

Tyler and Andrea said...

OKay. I just picked out a new background and then I realized it is the same one you have! I'm sorry. I'm not trying to copy you!

I guess great minds think alike??

I can change mine when Tyler gets home from work. Last time I got a new layout I erased all my links!

Eric and Kailee said...

I'm in town! Let's do something fun.