Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i love ikea.

Native American Tapestry.
Sheer Material.
Width: 59 "Height: 78 ¾ "
on sale.
i DID work on the reservation for 2 years ok.
i love it. Picture Frame.
Width: 23 ¼ "Height: 33 ½ "
perfect for a wall in my room.
i want an organic-ish picture of the earth to put in it.


TJ and Jen Sherwood said...

I love the frame! I'm going to let you keep the Indian man though. He scares me a little.

Katie B. said...

I love Ikea too! I just moved in to my very own apartment and I went crazy there last weekend! It has been soo long - how are you doing? I come home in september - you me and andrea should get together!

Tyler and Andrea said...

UMM... did you really buy the Native? Brings way too many memories back!

The Hallmans said...

Ikea for me is like Disneyland! Happy late Birthday Lindsay!

Marcus & Jamie Yetter said...

Very random on the indian I must say.. But thats okay thats why I love you! I am sure you will find a way to make even him look cool. I do love the frame, I will keep my eyes open for a cool earth print. So I am having a baby in 9 days! CRAZY! Will you call me I feel like you are m.i.a. I can never get a hold of you! Love you!

Eric and Kailee said...

I love the picture that will bring such wonderful dreams at night. Call me next time you go to ikea I want to go but Eric hates the place! So, I need an ikea friend.

Shelly said...

We just visited IKEA in Utah on a trip and I remembered how much I miss having one nearby...sniff.

Renee said...

Hi Lindsay Nichole! Please help me. Seriously. I typed in Native American mural and this popped up, I WANT THAT MURAL, POSTER THING! Please!!! I am from Canada and seen one at my cousin's in Arizona and so desperately want one but don't know where to look online!! My cousin said she got her's from IKEA as well but i don't know what to look for online...please help me! You would so make my day!

Edie said...

Lindsay! OMG am I glad I found you! Im also looking for the Native American tapestry. Know of any others of any for sale????