Monday, December 3, 2007

My sister's kids.

Kenedy, Wyatt and Rhett stayed with us Friday and Saturday. Here's a few highlights of the weekend:
-Showing the kids how to be gangsta (see pictures). Rhett didn't take his off all afternoon.
-Convincing them that cleaning Aunt Lindsay's room is the best idea ever because they will always get free stuff out of it. Like bandanas. And Halloween candy. And bags of trash.
-Haircuts for all of them. [Ratty kids.]
-Rhett doing his best howling wolf impression.
-Laughing hysterically at me and Ashley doing any other animal sounds like we were dumb.
-Wyatt showing me how to shake his booty. Instead of side to side it was front to back.
-Pictures in Sunday clothes. Wyatt telling me that it's not Sunday and he doesn't like this.
-Telling Kenedy Thatcher has a mall. She highly disagreed. I assured her there was a mall in Thatcher and it's name is Wal-Mart.


Whetten Family said...

You are the coolest aunt ever!

wendy said...

Could you convince Tera to jump on the bloggin' bandwagon?

Tyler and Andrea said...

OH my gosh! Kennedy is huge! I remember when she was crawling! You have cute nieces and nephews!