Friday, November 9, 2007


My Secret Diary

I thought I had lost it or someone took it.
(I have an unhealthy phobia of people knowing what I think about. could this have ANYTHING to do with my 4 big sisters sisters reading my journals growing up?? I know, I need therapy. That's another post.)
About a month or so ago I noticed it was missing. Mind you I don't go ANYWHERE without it. If I do, I know EXACTLY where I left it as I write in it daily. I looked top to bottom, everywhere!! I couldn't find it! then yesterday as I was getting a water bottle from behind my seat of my truck, there it was! I seriously felt like I found a lost puppy or something! There it was, just waiting for me!

It's not really secrets, no names are named, no situations are mentioned, if anyone did read it they wouldn't have the slightest clue what I'm talking about and would probably think I really am crazy, it's just a collection of my thoughts. It's full of all kinds of emotions, things i'm passionate about, things I find humorous, things I think about, things that i feel are worth writing down. Sometimes just to get them off my mind. Sometimes I paste in pictures, song lyrics, quotes, just things that I want to remember. And I have it back!!

I spent a couple hours last night writing in it, I wrote 6 pages. I surprised myself, mostly because what was written wasn't about anything in particular, just thoughts. Thoughts to people, thoughts to myself. And I actually slept peacefully for the 1st time in months.

Cheers to my secret diary!


Shelly said...

Good idea keeping all the people anonymous. That would be scary for something like that to get out in the open.

Tyler and Andrea said...

TAG your IT.
Go to my blog to see what I'm talking about!

Good luck!

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

whew. i wonder what that sucker says. i bet it would be a great black mail item. jerry, josh, ash, i am talkin to you folks. you know how to do seduce her, i'll go for the goods!

no seriously though, i am so curious to know what kind of stuff you write down.

you are so funny!