Friday, October 5, 2007

5 Reasons Why I love fall

1. The colors! They're all so warm and inviting! The leaves changing colors and falling is one of my favorite things to see all year. Too bad in Arizona we only get to see it in magazines usually, but the few trees that do change here, I love it!

2.Bundling up! Last fall we went to Paris and I absolutely LOVED it. We got to bundle up every day and the city was BEAUTIFUL. The leaves changing and falling was my favorite! I can't wait to go back! And what girl doesn't like to hide some "problem areas" with a cute pea coat, sweater, or hoodie?!

3. HALLOWEEN! It's my favorite holiday BY FAR!! And who doesn't like to dress up?? This was a couple years ago when I dressed up as a Mexican, Ashley's a nurse, and Angie's a goldigger! The pictures don't do it justice! Lucky for me I have friends that love dressing up too, so Scott and Ashley throw a Halloween party every year!

4. The GREAT DECORATING IDEAS!! If I had it my way, I would decorate this way all year round. I mean, I do have a black wall in my room. My mom always buys great decorating magazines so Sunday afternoons after dinner, us girls raid the ads and magazines! This month's are really great...go get them!

5. TREATS! One of my favorite memories growing up was that my mom always made sure we made treats on EVERY holiday. Now when the grandbabies come to visit we get to help them decorate cookies, make caramel apples, and other fun cute stuff! I like this cake from Martha Stewart...she's seriously a domestic genious!


Marcus & Jamie Yetter said...

o my gosh! I never saw those pics of Halloween! I remember you telling me about it, but o my gosh! I couldnt stop laughing! Awesome! I miss you! And come visit me, we have fall here! No pictures.... No dreaming about it.... The real deal!